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  Name Title Group
Carol Allen Allen, Carol High School Math High School
Tracy Amos Amos, Tracy Middle School Language Arts Middle School
Harla Barnes Barnes, Harla High School English High School
Ellie Bethea Bethea, Ellie Computer/Electives Middle School
April Blackledge Blackledge, April 3rd Grade Elementary
Sherri Bradford Bradford, Sherri Enrichment Director Elementary, High School, Middle School
Terri Bradford Bradford, Terri High School English High School
Gary Caldwell Caldwell, Gary Dean of Students/Coaching Staff High School
Paula Caldwell Caldwell, Paula High School Advanced Math Middle School
Donna Davis Davis, Donna High School Social Studies/Spanish High School
Susan Fendley Fendley, Susan Middle School Math & Science Middle School
Chris George George, Chris High School Electives/Basketball and Track Coach High School
Alison Gerald Gerald, Alison High School Science-Advanced High School
Jennifer Harrell Harrell, Jennifer 2nd Grade Elementary
Shan Higginbotham Higginbotham, Shan Technology Coordinator/Computer Elementary, Middle School
Julia Maxie Maxie, Julia K5 Teacher Elementary
Kyle Maxie Maxie, Kyle PE Teacher/Baseball Coach/Asst. Football Coach Elementary
Ivy Motes Motes, Ivy Teacher's Aide Elementary
Tracy Overstreet Overstreet, Tracy 1st Grade Elementary
Nikki Parden Parden, Nikki Enrichment Instructor Elementary, High School, Middle School
Sheila Reid Reid, Sheila Middle School Language Arts Middle School
Rodger Robison Robison, Rodger High School Social Studies-Advanced/Asst. Headmaster High School
Kim Smith Smith, Kim High School Science High School
Deborah Sturdivant Sturdivant, Deborah K5 Teacher Elementary
William Weide Weide, William Minister/ Band Director High School
Renae Wood Wood, Renae Enrichment Assistant Elementary