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Community Service

Each senior must have a record on file of having performed 75 hours of community service.  Most students have more hours than they even realize, so sit down with your senior and start writing everything down.  Documentation forms are available in the office and outside my office door.  Possible community service includes any volunteer work done through church organizations (VBS, Sunday School, church maintenance, etc.) and work done through civic organizations, service organizations (Beta Club), etc.  Also, any work done to help around the school during the summer or before or after school can be counted.  Some of our students helped with clean up day at school and at the football field.   This counts!!  ***ALL COMMUNITY SERVICE DOCUMENTATION FORMS MUST BE TURNED IN BY THE END OF APRIL OF THEIR SENIOR YEAR. 

A well-rounded student of good character is one who gives back to his/her community.  Try to get your child to view this as an opportunity to be of service to others, not just as a graduation requirement that must be fulfilled.

***Community service hours start counting the summer before the 9th grade year.  It is fine to back date forms if there was an activity done previously that has not been documented.

 Community service forms are available outside Mrs. Newsom's office, the main office, and can be downloaded here