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Welcome to Clarke Preparatory School!


Clarke Preparatory School is a Cognia accredited school and a member of the Alabama Independent School Association. Clarke Prep is a Blue Ribbon School.

In addition to striving for academic excellence, Clarke Preparatory School places a strong emphasis on character, Christian morals and values, discipline, school involvement, and conduct. Clarke Preparatory School strives to instill self-respect and honor in each student. A biblically-based chapel is an integral part of our schedule and promotes a more positive environment for the students. Grades K4-12 attend chapel weekly and the lessons taught in chapel are promoted in the classroom.

The campus of Clarke Preparatory School extends over 20 acres and includes six buildings, which house computer labs as well as a state-of-the-art science lab for the high school. The classrooms provide ample space for creative instruction. The spacious gymnasium, which houses the school stage and school cafeteria, has an attached club-house that offers male and female locker rooms, a weight room and a whirlpool bath. The championship quality Harrigan Sports Complex located on campus includes a softball field, baseball field, football field, football practice field, and two indoor hitting facilities.  A large play area with playground equipment is provided for the students to enjoy.



  • Jeremy Parden 
  • Casey Powell
  • Wesley Hicks
  • Bonnie Smith
  • Stephanie Fendley
  • Jason Jones
  • Matt Davis
  • Kayla Jackson
  • Brendan Becton