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High School

Eleventh and twelfth grade advanced honors History field trip to Mobile Federal Court. 

Diploma Options and Graduation Requirements

Clarke Prep offers two diploma options:  Advanced Honors (AH) and College Prep (CP). 

To receive an AH diploma, students must complete four credits of advanced classes in all four core subjects:  math, science, English, and social studies.  Also, two credits of foreign language are required.  Clarke Prep offers Spanish I and Spanish II during junior and senior year, respectively.  A total of 27 credits are required for an AH diploma. 


Students on the CP diploma are required to earn 26 credits, including four credits of each core subject.  


All students are required to earn 1 credit of physical education and  1/2 credit of each of the following:  fine art, health, computer, lifetime sports. (LTS counts 1/2 of the PE requirement.)  

Community service - All students must complete 75 hours of community service from 9th - 12th grade.  Community service includes church activities such as VBS and  mission trips, as well as school and community volunteer events.