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It’s time to re-enroll for the 2024-2025 school year!   All students who plan to return to Clarke Prep next year must have a completed enrollment packet submitted, including the $180 per family registration fee, by April 30.  We have to know how many returning students to expect to be able to accept new students for the 2024-2025 school year. 

Please read the following information carefully before attempting re-enrollment:

You will need:

Parent driver's license OR state ID number

Student vehicle make, model, and tag number (if applicable)

Click Parent Login at the top of this page. 
Enter your username and password.  (District code = CP-AL).  
If you can’t remember your password, try the “forgot password” link.  If it doesn’t work, let us know and we will reset it.  
Once in, click Apply/Enroll, then Enrollment/Reenrollment.  You will see Click here to open enrollment.  Click that and then follow the instructions. 

If you are completing enrollment packets for more than one student, choose one packet to open and finish to completion before opening another.  You will pay at the end of the first one and if you have more than one open at the same time, the system may try to charge you the registration fee more than once. 
Make sure you receive an email notification that it has been submitted.  Each separate enrollment packet has to be submitted, and you will receive an email notification for each one. 
When parents are in different households, only the parent marked as “enrollment responsible” will have access to the packet.  If we need to change the enrollment responsible parent, email  VERY IMPORTANT—You will only enter information for your household.  If only one parent is in your household, leave the information spaces for parent 2 blank.   If this is confusing, follow these examples:

Please answer the following questions about your child's Primary Address as follows:

Two-parent Household: Please list the father on the left side, mother on the right side.

Single Parent Household:  Please list your information on the left side.  You may leave the right side blank.

Parents who reside at two different addresses: Please only list yourself (and step-parent, if applicable) on this first form.  You will able to list the other parent who resides at a different address on the following form (Household 2).

If you have a new student you will be submitting an admissions application for (example-K4), that application will open on April 1.  Instructions for current families who wish to submit an application for a new student will be posted closer to April 1.


NEW FAMILIES:   Click here to apply for the 2024-2025 school year.  Please read all parts of the application carefully and submit all required documentation to avoid a delay in processing. 


Though not impossible on a smartphone, completing the admissions application is much easier on a computer. 









Re-enrollment for 2024-2025 opens on March 5.  The deadline for current families is April 30.